Looking for contributors.

You might already know that the wurk network will be launching again soon. Right now, we’re looking for post contributors, guest authors and other bloggers who can contriibute high quality, informative and entertaining posts to the network.

In terms of industry-specific content, we’d love to read anything related to looking for jobs and tips and tricks on being successful in your work. And when it comes to city-specific content, we’re looking for posts on how to make the most of working in a particular city – stuff like where to find jobs, how to beat public transport so you get in on time, where to grab the best working lunches, and where’s first choice for an apres work beer on a Friday night.

You’ll receive full credit for all of your posts – including links to your own website – together with the chance to make it into our ‘Top ‘Contributors’ list which appears on EVERY single page in the network.

So, whether you’re a jobhunter, a recruiter, an HR guru, or someone with plenty of tips and tricks to share, it’s a chance to brush up on your writing skills, and get published in one of the highest-quality recruitment publications on the web.

To get started, sign up here, or drop us a line to barrybell(at)gmail.com if you want more info!