The Home Office Project – Part 1

Working from home has its benefits, make no mistake. But unless you have an entire room (or most of a room) that you can dedicate to your home business, space will become an issue.

Trust me, it will. I work from home, and it has for me. I’ve outgrown my laptop on my knee, the kitchen table, the cupboard under the stairs – and it won’t be long before I’ve outgrown the entire living room. And it’s not as if I need the space for working. I’m a writer for crying out loud.. I shouldn’t need the space!

But I do. Because in addition to my computer and space to spread out some documents occasionally, I need room for printers and scanners, storage for books, storage for CDs, storage for client paperwork, storage for accounting paperwork, storage for… well, stuff.

So… enter my new home office. Or rather, my future new home office.

Home office interior

Yes, I know, it’s a shed. But over the next few weeks months I’m planning to transform it into a lot more than that. It actually makes a lot of sense – it’ll get all of my work stuff out of the house, it’ll give me somewhere quiet to get my head down which will definitely increase productivity, and it’ll mean I don’t lose out on the benefits of working from home (more on that to follow!).

Best of all, it’s not going to cost the earth. Why? Because I’ve already got the shed, and I’m also checking ebay daily for all kinds of insulation and security materials, including new windows and doors.

So, keep following this series of posts if you want to know the outcome – or if you just want to know how much time I end up spending down at the hospital through DIY accidents. Heh.

The work begins tomorrow…