School holidays: how do you mix work with your kids?

painting303D3618 ccI used to love the school holidays when I was a kid. But now that I work from home and have kids, it’s a completely different story.

During term time, my kids (ages 6 and 3) are out all day at school and my time is my own, save for school runs and the like. I can get stuff done. It’s fantastic. But during holidays – like the two weeks starting from today here in the UK, for example – trying to work with any great deal of success is like wading through a vat of treacle.

It’s all… "Dad, can I have some juice", "dad, I’m huuungry", "dad, where’s my pen?", "dad, can you find my gloves so I can go outside", "dad, what time’s dinner?", "dad, I’m huuuuuuuungry"… and on and on and on…

And that’s when they’re getting on with each other. When they’re fighting it’s ten times as bad. At least.

I know I should have planned a little better for this, but I wasn’t expecting the weather to be so bad. Normally, they’d be playing outside for the two weeks and wearing themselves out, or we’d be off doing stuff together. But with the snow we had this morning (it’s April, for crying out loud!) and my current workload, that’s not happening today – and probably not tomorrow, either.

So, with that in mind, we’re spending today thinking of stuff we can do for the next couple of weeks, should the weather stay like it is. I’m thinking lots of Play Doh, paper, pipe cleaners, glue, paints, etc, etc… the messier the better. In fact – the cleaner an activity, the less likely it is to hold their attention.

So, with all that in mind, does anyone have any other ideas on how to get any work done with two housebound – and very restless – kids crashing about the place?

How do you mix your work with your kids – especially during school holidays? Let me know in the comments…